By: Lesley

Mar 28 2012

Category: Toronto


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Patris was one of the original Greek restaurants on the Danforth. Unfortunately, this family run business is now closed, though it had declined a lot since I used to frequent it in the 1980s. When it opened in 1982 it was more of an old school, no-frills place to eat and now people expect a bit more glamour when they dine out. Still it was sad to see the end of the era with the changing of the signs.

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14 comments on “Patris”

  1. Progress? Who knows – we are losing a lot of the old family businesses.

  2. interesting signs. i miss the old places here, too. nowadays, every restaurant is a franchise.

  3. If one Greek restaurant closed in the Pape Danforth area there’s still many more to chose from.

  4. Personally, I often prefer the no-frills restaurants. But I know I am in the minority.

  5. i like no-frills restaurants. they sometimes serve the best tasting food.

  6. I used to live 2 blocks away and loved coming here… they had a great patio and it was a bit farther from the heart of busy Greektown.

  7. How ironic that the sign above the new restaurant sign says, “There’s a better way to choose a restaurant!”

    Sometimes the best restaurants are little holes in the wall, right?

    • Actually, I laughed when I saw that! My friend and I had a lively discussion about searching out websites for restaurants as opposed to simply walking down the street and looking in the windows and taking your chances. (I am in the latter camp, btw!)

  8. Many old restaurants are closed now they can’t keep up with the many franchise restaurants that popping out everywhere. A sign of time.


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  9. that’s a busy building

  10. Lesley please note: In case the portal is still down over this coming weekend, here is a page to help with the April CDPB Theme Day. Read and join in! Carry this message on your next post and in all your comments, to alert other members to this temporary method of keeping in touch!

  11. Alot of the places on Danforth have gotten “fancied” up. The hubs and I have been a few times and have yet to find a good, cheap hole-in-the-wall kind of place. Those are the best, I think.
    It’s a neat sign though!

  12. Sounds good restaurants. 🙂

  13. I hate seeing places close down…and we usually prefer the little family diners. We have fun trying them out.

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