If you are looking for pretty pictures of flowers, or macro shots of bugs, you will be disappointed. So many others can do a better job of that than I.

Here you will find (an almost) daily photo, featuring mainly architectural detail  found in various towns in Southern Ontario from Ottawa to Niagara.

The motto on our license plates reads ONTARIO YOURS TO DISCOVER.  So I am discovering Ontario. I can’t afford to travel overseas, so I am exploring my backyard.

Most of my photos are no more than 2 years old and each one is categorized by the town/city. Clicking on the ‘Map’ at the bottom of the post will give you an idea of whereabouts the featured town is located. If you are interested, you can find more photos from the same area by clicking on  Archive and selecting the category which lists each town.

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21 comments on “About”

  1. I think your photos are just fabulous! I explore my ‘backyard’ too and find so many great things! It’s too bad we can’t comment on each photo individually.

  2. I have really enjoyed looking at all the photos on your blog. We love to travel in our part of Ontario too as there are so many beautiful places to visit within a short drive of home.

  3. You’ve got fabulous photos here. Thanks by the way for visiting my site.

  4. Very nice pics. I have to agree, there is much to see in our “own backyard”! God’s beauty is everywhere.

  5. I just wanted to say Lesley, that your photos are always extraordinary. You have the eye and soul of an artist. Thank you.

  6. Lovely photograph and house. Thanks for sharing your shooting information. It is so helpful.

  7. cool entrance to a formal place? thanks for the comment too.

  8. Your photos are outstanding.
    Canada is a great country (I love it). And for sure a great country to travel.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, so I discovered your wonderful pictures.

  9. Great photos. Southern Ontario looks like a very interesting place!

  10. Interesting photography on your blog. And I like the way you give me the information.

  11. Great entrance. Love to see more detailed pictures of buildings. Keep them coming.

  12. enjoying your wonderful photography

  13. Am impressed, Lesley! For me it would be a puzzle to come up with signs a few days a week. Stumbled into your sign meme at Blogger, and then I found you here at wordpress:)

  14. Hi Leslie,
    I am a casting director in Toronto and would love to chat with you about a one of the photos you took of a barn on 10th line.

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