St Jude’s

By: Lesley

Mar 29 2012

Category: Oakville, sacred


Focal Length:4.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

A summertime view of some of the outside windows of St Jude’s Anglican Church in Oakville. For the theme of three, we have three sets of double windows on the main floor with the triangular peaks over the trefoil windows on the roof. Inside are two magnificent stained glass windows which you can see here and here

Participating in Thursday Challenge for three


7 comments on “St Jude’s”

  1. Nice! I posted stained glass windows as well.

  2. Oh, my goodness! I thought the blue window was one of the most beautiful ever, but that second one is out of this world. What a beautiful Anglican Church inside and out. As an interesting little note….when the US Episcopal Church changed its prayer book and “modernized” all of the old wordings, I rebelled and became a member of the Anglican Church. Those are the kinds of things that old people do..hahaha.

  3. Also very beautiful.
    And I think my grandfathers face tells exactly what you suggested.

  4. fabulous three’s. a beautiful church…oh, and that chair looks inviting.:p


  5. That’s a nice one !

  6. Beautiful church — works well for the theme. I linked to the marvelous stained glass windows which I’d missed earlier. Thank you!!!!!

  7. I love those windows…the shape more than the stained glass.

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