Joshua Creek

By: Lesley

Mar 26 2012

Category: barns, Halton


Focal Length:21mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D60

The 1827 barn at the Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre has been converted to a gallery that houses receptions, workshops, exhibits as well as weddings and parties. It had long been a dream of owner Sybil Rampen to establish a cultural legacy on her family farm that promotes local heritage, outreach and artistic inspiration.

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14 comments on “Joshua Creek”

  1. I love converted barns!

  2. wow, the white walls sure clean the place up! nice showcase!

  3. Neat to see those exposed beams. Nice way to use an old barn!

  4. Great that she was able to convert the barn.

  5. That is a beautiful repurpose!
    It’s wonderful she had the vision and the means to accomplish her own inspirational idea.

  6. Love the beams and wood in this one! Beautiful shot, Lesley!

  7. wow, it’s beautiful!

  8. Great way to perserve something so old! Looks like a very nice place!

  9. Very nice, very very nice! I love the beams, they’re so beautiful & dramatic for the space! That used to be an actual barn? Incredible work

    Thanks so much for joining =)

  10. This is wonderful. I went to visit some people who lived in a barn they had converted into their home and it was out of this world. Have no clue how much $$$ it took to complete it, but it was drop dear gorgeous. Using a barn this way is such a fine idea. I am sure all the things are shown off beautifully. Nice place to have a reception, too. genie

  11. Now that is a great way to see a barn. It is very sad to see in my area they are falling down because people cannot afford to invest in their keeping. A shame. I know we spend lots of time and money keeping ours up. I love the way the beams are exposed. I am in Ontario. B

  12. Another wonderful repurposed barn. – Margy

  13. […] The back view of the gallery at the Joshua Creek Art Heritage Centre as seen in the height of summer. An interior shot, shown last week can be seen here. […]

  14. […] A  working barn at the Joshua Creek Art Heritage Centre. Renovated portions of one of the other buildings that has been made into a studio can be seen here and here. […]

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