By: Lesley

Jan 13 2012

Category: Cambridge


Focal Length:6.9mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

The late afternoon sun was shining on this cute bungalow in Preston with the not quite sympathetic looking fence surrounding the large corner lot.

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15 comments on “#258”

  1. What a charming place….the old fence even though it looks like its falling down, really adds to the beauty of this house! Especialy the gate…love it!

  2. This would make a gorgeous postcard

  3. I love this rustic fence. Such a pretty house behind it!

  4. I really like this…LOVE the doorway of the house, too.

  5. This fence has lots of character but needs a little TLC.

  6. This is such a cozy-looking house! I love the style. The fence adds “charm.”

    P.S. Just saw your comment on my husband Ralph’s post featuring the Derby, Ct. Methodist Church. I may have an interior shot or two of the place. I’d have to dig the photos up!

  7. A fence on a mission to create its own beauty! Such a beautiful ambience in this property!

  8. Now that is interesting looks like a house out of the movies.

  9. This looks like something out of a storybook! I love it.
    The reflections you caught in the windows are a great addition.

  10. Make you curious about the story behind this fence, doesn’t it? You’re right, it doesn’t exactly blend with this adorable cottage. Has a lot of character though so maybe that’s why they keep it.

  11. great photo. love the fence & home combo. (:

  12. there is so much charm and beauty in this shot

  13. Bungalow is getting closer to my size house! The fence is charming in its own way.

  14. Love that fence – how many years would it take to get that? But would be very scared of using the gate!

  15. Fabulous greyed wood fence! I also thought that house would make a super entry to Weekend Reflections. 🙂

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