By: Lesley

Jan 12 2012

Category: Innisfil, SIGNS


Focal Length:9.7mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

One of the few shops still in business on King Street in Cookstown, it sits across the street from this view, shown previously.

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21 comments on “Timepiece”

  1. I do like to see a clock on the main street. This one reminds me of these old watch fobs.

  2. Beautiful clock!

    I’ve linked to my sign entry to my name and not my Gravatar image.

  3. A perfect name for that business. I like the old style sign, and the clock is wonderful!

  4. A classic sign captured by a classic photographer.

  5. this is beautiful, Lesley. i love the bricks, the clock and the sign. great shot.

  6. now this kind of business is disappearing. nice shot.

  7. Love the style! Such a beautiful ambience with the older style fancy font and the delightful clock projecting from the building like part of a lamp post!

  8. Wonderful photo, Lesley! I love the angle and perspective of this shot, makes for a very dynamic image.

  9. Love that clock — reminds me of my childhood, when the local jeweler had a similar one in front of the store.

  10. Wow so hard to find these kind of business now a days. Great shot on this one. Thanks for sharing.


  11. I’m always fascinated by large clocks out on the street. Cool name for a shop!

  12. I can hardly believe a shop like this is still around, but I’m glad it is!

  13. That clock is a beauty. Nice preservation!

  14. I hope his clock was on time!

  15. These places are few and far between. If the trade has not been carried down from father to son, the public is at a loss. The lettering on the sign is so attractive and the clock is beautiful. genie

  16. That’s a real timepiece. Nice shot.

  17. That is a nice clock!!!

  18. Love the Sign, looks like one of my hand made card embellishments

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