final sales

By: Lesley

May 07 2014

Category: Burlington, SIGNS


A couple of months ago I posted another sign in this window for an end of season sale. Now it seems this is the final sale as the store is closing down. I will miss it, though latterly I haven’t shopped there much.

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10 comments on “final sales”

  1. Sad when a nice shop closes.

  2. The price might be right, if you can find something you want to have. Was in the mall the other day and sale signs were everywhere.

  3. This is sad, it was my favourite store. Though my work and lifestyle doesn’t warrant too many nice clothes, I have a few things I’ve bought there that were excellent value and that I love.

  4. Sad to see an independent store close!

  5. I hate to see businesses close, especially good clothing stores. Since I’m retired though, I seldom buy new clothes.

  6. it looks like all the merchandise are gone. sad to see another go out of business.

  7. There’s a furniture store in Picker that has been closing for two years… It’s still going strong.

  8. Always sad to see a business go out of business…

  9. always sad to see a business close

  10. A sad empty feeling generated by this scene – in spite of the warm light behind the windows.

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