By: Lesley

Feb 26 2014

Category: Burlington, SIGNS


It is that in-between season when the winter stock is dwindling and new spring stock is waiting in the wings to take over the stores. Soon these mannequins will have their signs replaced with brightly coloured warm weather outfits.

Participating in signs, signs


10 comments on “sales”

  1. I like those kinds of sales. Unfortunately, by the time they reach 70% off, my size is gone, too! 😉

  2. Must be a great sale as even the mannequins in the windows have been picked clean.

  3. The place already looks sold out..

  4. looks like everything’s been bought.

  5. I can hardly wait until the warm weather comes!

  6. Love the misty framing of this image highlighting the bold red font of the signs.

  7. that’s a huge sale

  8. I am ready for spring and summer! No more buying sweaters. 🙂

  9. If only I were a better shopper!

  10. […] couple of months ago I posted another sign in this window for an end of season sale. Now it seems this is the final sale as the store is […]

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