from a to z

By: Lesley

Jan 01 2014

Category: SIGNS, Toronto


This product needs no words on it’s massive side of building signs. Seen somewhere near Yorkville, in downtown Toronto.

Participating in signs, signs


8 comments on “from a to z”

  1. Reminds me of scrabble tiles 🙂 Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year pub signs

  2. Wow that’s huge!

  3. They are not short of a quid for their advertising.

  4. Hope these proud scrabble-like tiles don’t transform into dominoes and become a fall down chain reaction. Sorry. Giant businesses worry me..

  5. We almost cross paths. My iPhone sign is located at Church and Wellesley. 🙂

  6. ha, you and andy were thinking alike!

  7. That signs has it all, everything from A to Z.

  8. Nope, no words necessary. The sign (and I guess the product/company) has it all!

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