By: Lesley

Jan 08 2014

Category: Burlington, SIGNS


How many others out there have started working out in the new year? How many of us think we’ll stick to it past January? The Y in Burlington is located near downtown in a nice little cluster of buildings that includes the library, senior’s centre and arena. It was renamed the Ron Edwards Family YMCA in 2004 after a major renovation for the man who was the first executive director and who, in his years long support, shared the YMCA’s vision of building healthy communities. You can read about him here. He recently passed away at age 85.

Participating in signs, signs


10 comments on “resolutions”

  1. Good sign! Heading off to Yoga class in an hour…and it’s January 8 so I’m still on target))

  2. I try to keep resolutions but rarely do 🙂 I like to hike and walk so I do that year round Nice find 🙂

  3. Love that caption on the sign. Memorable. I am not a fan of New Year resolutions, because I know what happens. My goals are usually too big and too many. I prefer to accumulate mini goals along the way and that works far better for me. It’s achievable.

  4. I wisened up a long time ago and not make (and break) the same resolutions every single year.

  5. Good caption on the sign. My exercise routine has started…shoveling snow! lol! Great cardio and muscle tightening!


  6. We all need a bit of help on that!

  7. I really need to make some of those resolutions!

  8. I normally do not make New Yeas resolutions, maybe it’s time to start.

  9. Funny message! My gym has definitely been busier lately, but I think things will die down after February or so…

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