wild wings

By: Lesley

Dec 04 2013

Category: Maple, SIGNS


This chain has only been in Canada (southern Ontario) for about six months and is planning to expand into other parts as well as the UK and Asia in the next few years.  From reading an old news article from 2011, I learned that they wanted to reach 1,000 stores by 2013 – up from 44 in 2010. According to its website, it has 21 different sauces and seasonings. Which is about 19 more than I’ve ever tried. For those of you who are from away and may be confused, this is a bar specializing in chicken wings. The Buffalo here refers to the city of Buffalo NY where the breaded, deep-fried, saucy chicken wing was ‘invented’.

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11 comments on “wild wings”

  1. Thanks for the explanation.. Their sign looks neat!

  2. Great logo.

  3. I love chicken wings!

  4. KFC seem to cornering the UK market at the moment having opened two sites not far away recently and another is due – having bribed the council by offering to demolish an old multi-storey carpark!

  5. We have a Buffalo Wild Wings for the part year. One of these days I need to check them out.

  6. Quite a unique and memorable sign. Stunning contrast of two colours.

  7. When comes to expansion they sure have ambition. I hope they have enough wings for their plans. 🙂

  8. we have them here too…i’m not a big fan but it is my daughter’s favorite place…everyone calls it “b-dubs” for short (dubs is short for double u…..w) teen slang lol

  9. Nice imaginative sign, great find!

  10. a bright and eye-catching sign! I don’t really understand the draw of chicken wings.

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