dollar store

By: Lesley

Mar 21 2012

Category: Wiarton


Focal Length:11.9mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

An independent dollar store in Wiarton, that sells everything…. for a song.

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12 comments on “dollar store”

  1. Dollar stores all over here and when we were in England they were called ‘pound stores’! But this one, with the cheerful little notes, is more aesthetically pleasing than most I see. Going for a song indeed, very cute!

  2. ooh, a dollar store that is not Dollarama!!

  3. When I looked at your sign I just burst out in a song and dance routine. I just don’t understand why.

  4. we have Dollar stores here but not everything sells for a dollar.:( i was at a Vente shop the other day though where everything sells for twenty pesos (about 50 cents).:p

  5. A nice bright place! As is your blog background.

  6. i’m quite fond of visiting dollar stores.

  7. Very attractive for a dollar store. Our stores still say “dollar” on the outside but the prices inside have escalated.

  8. I would shop here! It looks so cheerful!

  9. Much cuter than the Dollarama!

  10. Sometimes the deals are good and others not so good…but I too like the sign.

  11. Love the musical touch to the sign! A simple design but quite enchanting!

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