keeping low

By: Lesley

Jan 17 2012

Category: barns, Grey-Bruce


Focal Length:49.2mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Another barn with bits of deep green. The squat silo with the horizontally placed corrugated siding is attractive in a shabby way.

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12 comments on “keeping low”

  1. love that the owner matched the doors to the roof.

  2. Looks like the farmer is mostly concerned about utility here. I do like the deep green roof and door.

  3. I am really falling in love with that green color!

  4. Nice shot. I like that shade of green on the roof.

  5. I like the green roof and door!

  6. really love a green barn. around here in VA we have red or just plain wooden barns. this is a nice change. (:

  7. First time I see a short barn. Or looks like short barn ^_^. I like the green roof too!

    Red Barn

  8. i’ve always liked that green, it reminds me of chicklets!

  9. I like these w/ all the green, looks good in contrast to the snow!

    Thanks for joining =)

  10. I love all the green! Barn and matching corn crib, nice accent!

  11. I have been seeing more green on barns these last few weeks here at Tricia’s that I have seen in a lifetime. This grouping is so appealing to the eye. Nice catch. genie

  12. Now that looks like a barn that’s going to be around awhile. And the matching silo (or corn crib) is very cute. A very charming capture!

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