By: Lesley

Jan 18 2012

Category: Mt Forest


Focal Length:7.3mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

In an alleyway in Mt Forest, I found a wall full of old ghost signs. Most of them were too faded to make out, and the buildings were too close together to get good shots of them. Except for this interesting combination of Furniture and Undertaking. It could have been a family business… and I guess a coffin could fall under furniture making as a permanent bed.

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22 comments on “furniture”

  1. i didn’t expect Undertaking under Furniture.:p this is quite interesting–i don’t think we have signs like this one.

  2. Oh oh hope they didn’t think coffin as furniture hehehe! ^_^


  3. Taking care of your needs in both worlds…
    Great find!

  4. Very nest! I love these old ghost signs.

  5. Geeze….I was looking at the printing on the brick wondering how furniture and undertaking went together. I just knew I was having an optical illusion. Then, I read what you had to say. I am so glad I am ok and not having serious problems with my old eyes. This is a great find. genie

  6. I love theses ghost signs and this has to be one of the funniest!

  7. Interesting combination! The undertaker takes care costomers after the shock of how much the furniture costs, perhaps.

  8. A weird combination of trades on an excellent ghost sign.

  9. Furniture and undertaking? What a weird combination! Great catch, though!

  10. This is so fascinating! Alleyways have so many secrets and surprises! I guess undertaking needs to be a business somewhere, though I can’t say i have ever seen a sign for it!

  11. A zillion years ago when I was young (late 40s/early 50s really ) I think it was pretty common for furniture stores and undertakers to be the same business. In our old home town, while we were still there, branches of the family split up with one being the undertaker and the other the furniture store (still could there as far as I know).

  12. I’m not familiar with Undertaking. What is that?

  13. Ha! Great sign, Lesley… It is a weird combination unless it caters for families like the Addamses….?

  14. I think these old signs painted on buildings are so interesting – a real throw back. That is an odd combination. Do you need a sofa or a coffin?

  15. Well, it makes a weird kind of sense if they made furniture and caskets…

  16. I guess it was common in a small town to double up on businesses!

  17. *grin* … yep, simlilar skills. My great great grandfather got into building coffins because he was a carpenter. I love vanishing signs like these. I have a few I have collected over the years from around the city of Sydney. I must check to see if any are apporpriate.

  18. I’ve always wanted to be buried in a credenza πŸ˜‰

  19. Well spotted- at least it is saved for posterity now…

  20. I love the colors and texture on the wall.

  21. Makes me wonder what the neighbours did or said. :))

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