Hazel’s Walk

By: Lesley

Jul 11 2012

Category: Mississauga, SIGNS


Focal Length:30mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D60

The Square One Shopping Centre was opened in 1973 and is one of the largest shopping malls in Canada. Surrounded by many new condo and office towers and parking lots, it is at the heart of Mississauga. Across the street from this view, is the City Hall, Art Gallery, the Living Arts Centre and the Library.  Hazel’s Walk is a curved path that runs along the cityside of the mall at Duke of York Blvd and is dedicated to and named for the Mayor on her 80th birthday. She is the longest serving mayor, having been elected in 1978, though she has said that she will not run in the next election in 2014, by which point she will be 93 years young!

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20 comments on “Hazel’s Walk”

  1. Mayor McCallion has had a long, productive life. I cannot imagine her not running again, though. :))

  2. How nice to have a walk named after oneself! What an honor!

  3. at least they don’t have the problem of new administrations (mayors) changing previous administrations (mayors) plans!

  4. Wow! Good for Mayor Hazel — what a great role model. And the walk sounds a quite lovely spot for a bit of exercise in the city.

    • actually, it is a very small walk – you would get more exercise inside the mall with its “1.6 million square feet of retail space”

  5. I saw Hazel a few weeks ago driving herself around in a hybrid car with “Mayor 1” license plates. I should have taken a pic of the plates.

  6. Hazel deserves her own walk.

  7. A grand honour to an amazing woman! She must hold the record for longest serving mayor that I know!

  8. it must be fun to hear people say, hey we’re back to square one!

  9. i like the name, Square One.:p
    i have friends and former colleagues now living in Mississauga.

  10. Isn’t it interesting that Square One has a round building? Sound like Hazel’s Walk is not around a square either.

  11. I initially thought, just by looking at the pic, that SquareOne is a sports arena. And yes, I also find it interested to name a mall as such with a round shaped structure 😀 Must be cool to have something named after yourself.

  12. Obviously no term limits there for mayors like we have here. She must be doing a wonderful job to remain in office so long and is obviously well respected.

    Very interesting building. I would have guessed a megaplex movie theatre. 😉

  13. bless her heart
    I love the name Hazel
    she sounds like a wonderful person

  14. Wow, still running the show at age 93, good for her, I hope I’m that sharp at that age!

  15. No term limits and no forced retirement of government officials? Still, she’s a rare breed for her constituents to continue to want Hazel as mayor for so long.

    On rather short notice my honey and I are flying to Toronto this weekend. It’ll be my first time back in 14 years. Can’t wait to see the city.

    • it could also be a bit of inertia – why change what seems to have worked since forever….

      how exciting for you (or maybe not – last minute trips usually mean something is not going well.) hope you enjoy your visit.

  16. Amazing information. I know several women in their nineties that are still active and sharp enough to do this kind of work. But, somehow it surprises me that the majority of voters would not have wanted a younger person before now. I see so much age bias on the nightly news.

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