as for me and my house

By: Lesley

Jun 13 2012

Category: Fergus, SIGNS


Focal Length:4.1mm
Shutter:1/200 sec

I found this little house somewhere in Fergus (I think – another archival photo that I neglected to name). With a unique number sign!

Participating in signs, signs


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14 comments on “as for me and my house”

  1. How odd! great capture.

  2. Our signs are along the same theme today. :-)

    Mine is HERE

  3. This is not a small church, just someone’s home? Wow.

  4. is the house used as a residence or business?

  5. Psalm 129. Interesting.

  6. I was wondering if this may be a church minister’s home. I notice there is a ramp, so perhaps it could be a home for someone disabled, confined to a wheelchair. But it still be a minister’s home offering a welcome to everyone!

  7. that certainly is unique!

  8. Not something you would see here.

  9. Interesting sentiment. I doubt you’d see anyone being so public about their beliefs here in Toronto. :)

  10. an interesting sign. i haven’t seen anything like this before.:p

  11. Oh, I like this…just the feel of the photograph. I suppose it is the lighting.

  12. Very attractive house. The ramp tells me that perhaps someone handicapped lives there. Also a very religious person. But, you would not find that kind of information so plainly displayed in most of our area. It would make you a target for bullies and others that pick on those they believe will not fight back.

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