By: Lesley

Feb 23 2012

Category: Oakville, SIGNS


Focal Length:8.5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

The handwritten look to these house numbers adds a bit of casualness to this house in Oakville. I love that eight.

Participating signs, signs

15 comments on “5508”

  1. I love checking out house numbers to find unusual ones like this.

  2. «Louis» likes this, too!

  3. Love the vertical display of the house number! Looks like some numerical obelisk! Great style!

  4. A bit of casualness, but for company — or in case of emergency — the big #s would make it very easy to find!

  5. Me like this too.

  6. It is a cool 8. I wonder who writes like that?

  7. i am attracted to the unusual as well.


  8. This is the kind of thing I might have spent hours practising when I was into calligraphy and creating artistic letters and numbers.

  9. I like the symmetry of this photo.

  10. i like it, too. i also like the light & shadows in your photo.

  11. Oh, that’s a great shot! And the eight is great – although now that I look at it, do I make my eights backward? Uh oh 🙂

  12. Wonderful B & W, I love, with exquisite light. Good photo. Greetings.

  13. Calling by from the signs meme, that is a big house number!

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