By: Lesley

Dec 29 2011

Category: Elora


Focal Length:7.9mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Somethin Fishee has been open on Mill Street in Elora for three years and has gotten rave reviews. It is strictly take away, so I may have to wait until next summer to sample their Atlantic cod or Alaskan halibut with home made tartar sauce.

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9 comments on “fishee”

  1. Great name, Fishee.

  2. Sounds good and looks inviting for a good a fish-and-chip take away!
    Good shot!

  3. 2 local fish & chip places have closed here – this one looks great but a bit far away!

  4. Cute name, cute sign, shouldn’t have looked just before dinner — now I don’t want what I was planning to cook. Suddenly I want to go to the fish market.

  5. yum-yum for fish & chips!
    great sign.

  6. I so love seafood and this looks like a wonderful place to taste test more than once!

  7. I like the name. In Pickering we have simple names like Jasper Fish & Chips. Delicious! Next summer I will make it a point to visit Somethin Fishee.

  8. Looks like just the spot to grab a bite and head home to enjoy! Thanks for your recent visit to my blog.

  9. Give me real fish and chips and I am one happy camper. Love the chairs, all the colors, and the restaurant in general. Such an inviting spot. genie

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