Park Hill Road Bridge

By: Lesley

Jul 03 2011

Category: Cambridge


Focal Length:5.5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

The Park Hill Road Bridge crosses the Grand River at the Mill Race in Galt. Formerly known as the Queen Street Bridge (1933), it was reconstructed and widened to four lanes in 2002 while retaining much of the original appearance. A previous post of this bridge shows it from a different angle here.

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7 comments on “Park Hill Road Bridge”

  1. I like it – lots of character, plus it looks very solid and sturdy, always a good thing in a bridge.

  2. hehehe, our main street is called Queen;St, at least, they don’t say which queen, so they don’t have to change the name after each coronation. You waiting for kate to be the queen?

  3. This one fits in rather well with the old Mill Race even if it is obviously newer. Nice shot of the raging waters, too!

  4. Progress so often is a necessary evil. It does look a nit new in relation to the stonework on the riverbank.

  5. Nice shot. I’m always amazed at the stone buildings along the Grand River.

  6. What a gorgeous shot of this bridge! It really fits in well with the stonework around it.

  7. What a lovely bridge and shoreline. It looks like such a nice place to be!

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