sign #16

By: Lesley

Oct 22 2010

Category: Gananoque, SIGNS


Focal Length:29.2mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

If the skies get any greyer, and it does actually rain for the next 14 days as predicted, then the Delaney bowling alley in Gananoque could provide some indoor fun.

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11 comments on “sign #16”

  1. Love that bowling pin sign! Great shot as usual.

  2. Absolutely love that sign, and this photo!

  3. sky is also grey outside my window…much greyer than yours and it’s raining. i think we have a new storm coming.

    great shot.

  4. I LOVE the mood this one conveys!

  5. We’ve been promised ten days of rain and it’s keeping its promise! Darn it! Ah, well, look for some gray photos!! At least you have your bowling!! Hope you have a great weekend — regardless of the weather!


  6. 5 pin bowling, is that for the seniors? Right now, my son is playing bowling on the Wii. They even have about 50 pins.

  7. This image has a good grey weather mood to it… and I like your composition the retro feel. Hope the forecast is wrong… 14 days of grey and rain would have me screaming for color!

  8. The skies may be dark, but you still were able to capture enough for a great feature today.

  9. Oh, I love the old bowling alley! Almost the same colour as the sky, LOL.

    Kay, Alberta

  10. […] DMC-TZ3 Along King St in Gananoque, on a quiet evening, some stroll perhaps to dinner at a local restaurant and others drive home after a days outing at the riverside park. Way down the street you can just make out the Delaney Bowling which was previously featured here. […]

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