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By: Lesley

Jun 18 2014

Category: Kleinburg, SIGNS


The Mira Kirov Art Studio and Gallery is in an old 1872 general store in the village of Nashville in Kleinburg. It is a private gallery where the artist lives and shows her work. I found it one day when I was curious about what was down the road on the other side of the highway. As you can see from the map link, it is quite a ways from the business district of Kleinburg. Disappointingly, it was closed. but I liked the setting sun on the  side of the building. (sorry about the bright orange, though – it’s an automatic choice by WordPress!)

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13 comments on “art gallery”

  1. Fine looking art gallery in your photo. Perfect for this site.

  2. My friend from near there tells me that this used to be the Post Office for Nashville too. Looks quite nice.

  3. that would be disappointing to me also. I like the look of the building.

  4. Looks great

  5. Really there is another NASHVILLE?
    Tom The Backroads Traveller

  6. Nice-looking place. I hope she had her gallery hours posted so you can make a return visit.

  7. so there is another nashville out there.

  8. Too bad it wasn’t open. It looks very welcoming. Love the columns too!

  9. It does look welcoming 🙂 I’ve never seen it before and I’ve visited Klienburg just recently. I will keep my eye out for it on my next visit. Great find 🙂

  10. Great looking sign!

  11. An enchanting building. A great design for an art gallery.

  12. I bet it’s even better on the inside, I like the orange! The owners associated with my sign were very rude and had little regard for their customers.

  13. I like the sign…and the orange is fine. Don’t you love unexpected finds?

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