By: Lesley

May 21 2014

Category: Burlington, SIGNS


This is a municipal golf course in the north end of Burlington. Golfnow.com gives it a 3.5 out 5 rating, but if you read the reviews from this past month, you will see that there are some impatient golfers out there who were not happy that the tees and fairways were not perfect. After the harsh winter we had, plus the cool, wet conditions lately, many golf courses are suffering. I don’t golf, but I know what condition my small backyard is in, so I sympathize with the workers trying to make it perfect. Tyandaga is one of the many variant spellings of Joseph Brant’s honorary Mohawk name.

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13 comments on “Tyandaga”

  1. Oh my goodness … those impatient golfers need to drop the clubs for a minute and volunteer to help get their greens back in shape after your terrible winter(Jeez, or just work in their own yard instead or something). It’s a lovely country club building..

  2. The building looks very nice. Maybe the golfers should be a bit more understanding after the winter you had ?

  3. I’m sure Arizona or Florida would welcome their golfing dollars if they are too impatient to wait on their greens at home. 😀

  4. I am not a golfer either, but I feel their pain. Every time I think finally the cold and wet is behind us we get a cool wet day … you are right was too long a winter this year.

  5. Some folk are going to complain no matter what. Everything has to be perfect for them. I am sure the grounds crew is working as hard and as quickly as they can to get the greens back to normal.

  6. Love the face on the sign. Well found.

  7. I haven’t been to a golf course, not a golfer, so I don’t know if this is a typical entry. But I like the neat facade and entry.


  8. So many plants have suffered this winter so I’m not surprised the golf course isn’t perfect!

  9. Thanks for explaining the meaning of Tyandaga. Google search failed to link it to Joseph Brant.

  10. Intriguing graphic with the sign. It has a sense of legendary presence.

  11. I have played golf there before. As a golfer, it is disappointing when you’ve paid regular price and the course is not in good shape. Most courses will let you know when booking that the greens are not in good shape and some even offer discounts when there are problems. So please don’t judge the golfers too harshly. 🙂

    • I can understand your point – but the state of golf courses has been all over the local news recently. Plus, it is a bit obvious about the weather, so I would have thought a good golfer would have known the wet conditions ruining the greens.

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