By: Lesley

May 14 2014

Category: Burlington, SIGNS


The Victoria Day weekend is coming up in Ontario. It’s the first of two holidays (the other being July 1st) that is celebrated with fireworks. These trailers start showing up in shopping mall parking lots a week before each holiday. When I was young, everyone had their own displays featuring Catherine Wheels, Roman Candles, a Burning Schoolhouse, sparklers… You must be over 18 to buy fireworks and there are no more street parties, but you can still hear the noise from a few backyards. Mostly, people head out to the parks to see the big displays.

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11 comments on “fireworks”

  1. The sale of fireworks, here only at the end of December, always attracts a lot of people. Never seen a truck advertising for it!

  2. I wouldn’t want to drive one of those trailers! Yes, the back yard fireworks will be starting very soon here, too, with the Memorial Day holiday coming up and then Independence Day. In our neighborhood, people shoot them off in the back yards almost every weekend, and at all hours of the night. Very frustrating.

  3. I forgot it was firecracker weekend. I grew to hate it because my dogs were terrified by the noises.

  4. I can almost hear the BOOM!

  5. Love the sign, but not a fan of fireworks. Here it is the fourth of July when most firecrackers get set off.

  6. We used to get the small ones when the kiddos were little. Can’t believe the May long weekend is almost here. Has been such a long long winter this year. Its like we missed Spring.

  7. Firework displays here (Australia) are supposed to be just public displays. No one is supposed to buy them for personal use. But many seem to find some outlet to buy them.

  8. in about another month we’ll be seeing them set up stands here too!

  9. come late June, lots of signs like that will show up on corners and parking lots in the USA!

  10. I wouldn’t like to meet one of these on the road.

  11. Some day there will be far fewer fireworks displays. Think of all the pollution produced!

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