natural market

By: Lesley

Apr 02 2014

Category: Burlington, SIGNS


A new “neighborhood market” has opened up down the street from where we live. I was a little dismayed to see the old “neighbourhood market”, a local family business called Zarky’s, had sold this location to an American chain aiming to expand into Canada. Some of the Zarky’s home-made fresh and frozen pastas and soups are still available, but I will miss the salads among other things. And you do have to wonder just how much of the fresh, organic produce is actually ‘locally sourced’ in winter.  And who is Mrs Green anyway? At least with Zarky’s (you can still see the faint outline of the name on the facade) you knew the family, but I can’t find anything describing the person behind Mrs Green’s.

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13 comments on “natural market”

  1. If I lived near this market I would shop here. Look good.

  2. Have not heard of this market chain. However, you should be happy to know that I often times purchase produce that has been grown in Canada because it looks the best of what is offered. I’ve yet to be disappointed.

  3. Probably a made up name!

  4. living in the USA, I have no idea about your new market, or if there is even a Mrs. Green.

  5. I like to shop organic, but truthfully have not heard of this chain before either. Sad when smaller businesses are pushed out by chains. 😦

  6. Never heard of this chain, but the name is too good to be true don’t you think? Probably the owner is named Brown and that would sound bad for an organic market ))). Agree it is sad to lose a local.

  7. i’ve not heard of this chain but i hate when that happens, losing a locally owned place to a chain.

  8. So many small businesses get taken over by chains (or more possibly in this case it is franchise) with a “nice” sounding name. One near us did that and people called it by the old name for several years. Recently it was closed down – rumour is they defaulted on the rent.

  9. I’ve never heard of Mrs. Greens. Must be a regional chain (or not very successful!).

  10. I’ve never heard of them, either. I hope the family got a great price and can retire comfortably.

  11. Yes, how does one ‘source locally’ in the Winter in Canada? I don’t recognize Mrs. Green.

  12. At least you have a good market nearby. We get no choice except the major supermarket.

  13. I’m not familiar with this either. Here any successful natural foods store chains tend to get purchased by Whole Foods.

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