old style

By: Lesley

Mar 26 2014

Category: SIGNS, Toronto


An old style hair salon in Toronto’s east end. Does anybody still call them ‘beauty’ salons (or parlours) anymore? I’m not sure this salon offers services such as mani-pedis and waxing. I could be wrong, since I only photographed the above- the-store window sign.

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8 comments on “old style”

  1. I think you’ve captured a little piece of history. It’s not a phrase you hear much at all anymore…sort of like ‘pocketbook.’ 🙂
    Now I’m going to have to pay particular attention to see if I can find a ‘beauty salon’ in our community.


  2. That is a fine, classic sign, but I haven’t a clue what these places are called these days.

  3. This looks very old style!

  4. This sign does seem to be a classic of older times. Now hairdressers seem to build a suggestion of their business into the name of their business e.g. “smart cuts” with some kind of sub-heading listing other services. There are many “hair and beauty” businesses around.

  5. powder puff is a very nice name for a salon.


  6. They don’t call them beauty salons any more. Apparently after some of the clients got home and looked in the mirror they hired a lawyer and sued. 🙂

  7. or beauty shop, that’s another old term!

  8. I like it! Very vintage!

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