100 today

By: Lesley

Mar 19 2014

Category: SIGNS, Toronto


The Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto is officially 100 years old today. And it celebrated first by announcing $15-million fundraising campaign to enhance “how the ROM welcomes and interacts with its visitors.” Hopefully this campaign will address the newest addition of that unsightly Crystal that juts out onto Bloor St. For anyone as interested in architecture as I am, there is an interesting article here on the changing architecture of the museum. The map link shows an aerial google view of the whole structure.

And for those who have been concerned – thank you! – but I am well, just not inclined to get out and photograph as much as I used to. Although, it might have been faster to drive the hour into Toronto to get a new photo of the ROM than it took to find this one in my unmarked archives, so that may be the start. Tomorrow, Spring begins. So they say.

Participating in signs, signs


13 comments on “100 today”

  1. Spectacular building.

  2. Hope it gets warmer soon! Did they have any special activities for the anniversary? Free entrance to the museum?

  3. Interesting contrast. I like both buildings but would rather not see them combined. Thank you for including the link.

  4. As as kid in the 50’s I used to go there and get in for a dime.

  5. The museum facade has a cathedral ambience and the crystal reminds me of an abstract interpretation of an angel’s wing. Intriguing contrast.

  6. Great shot of the ROM! I think this winter has been exceptionally trying on most people. Warmer, sunnier days head! I hope 🙂

  7. I have been finding it difficult to get out and about too.
    I find the crystal rather exciting but I’m not thrilled with its connection to the grand old structure.

  8. The tyrannosaurus rex has captured the public’s imagination, but there is a debate about the nature of this dinosaur. It may have been a top predator or primarily a scavenger. Nice sign.

  9. Happy Spring, glad you’re OK. Feeling empathy with the photo search…. I am trying to srt, label, and/or weed mine out ….both to save space and because I can’t ever find anything. never ending chore.

  10. What an impressive structure. Thanks for including the link. The video is so informative and interesting.

  11. i’d like to see the facade in another angle. i cannot fully “appreciate” the glass jutting out of nowhere 🙂

    take care. happy spring.


  12. halcyon mentioned that the rom looks much like the art museum here in roanoke…i posted a picture yesterday…i too wonder if it is the same architect? i’m going to have to investigate this!

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