drive thru

By: Lesley

Feb 05 2014

Category: Milton, SIGNS


A summer shot of the waving grass between the ‘drive thru’ lane of the TD Bank and the parking lot. This is the first I’ve seen of such a nice barrier. It provides a little bit of privacy, and something for the passenger to look out onto while waiting for the transaction to be completed. Note the “green machine” logo that hearkens back to the day when each bank had their own cute name for the ATM machine.

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10 comments on “drive thru”

  1. So much better than a brick wall!

  2. Like theidea of a green machine and the tall grasses seem to complement it.

  3. Nice to see something other than snow!

  4. There’s definitely a lot of green here!

  5. A great idea — someone knows how to landscape for beauty and practicallity.

  6. I miss the green Thank you for the reminder on this very snowy day! I look forward to a greener Springtime 🙂

  7. Very nice landscaping, and I like the clever ATM machine name.

  8. ooh, I love that touch of green amidst the brick!

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