library #14

By: Lesley

Jan 15 2014

Category: Grimsby, library, SIGNS


This library in Grimsby with an attached art gallery was built in 2004 to replace the small Carnegie library that still stands next door. I’m showing it here because of the understated sign that extends beyond the corner of the building. Also because of the lovely greenery, which I miss.

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10 comments on “library #14”

  1. That is a nice sign. And yes I miss warmer days too 🙂

  2. Books and art, it must be great to spend some time there.

  3. It looks quite nice – I love those Carnegie libraries so it is good that they have left it.

  4. it’s both a library and an art gallery? that sounds like a nice combination.


  5. I like the stand alone effect of the sign separate from the building wall. Understated but prominent.

  6. Understated and perfectly so! Sometimes that is best. Maybe most times! Spring will come again!

  7. A great combination. Our local library has rotating art exhibits but only in an upstairs hallway. This must be wonderful to actually have a gallery.

  8. very modern looking, so streamlined!

  9. What a cool building!

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