By: Lesley

Dec 18 2013

Category: Burlington, SIGNS


RC’s (ice cream shop) may be closed for the winter season, but someone has placed these merry advert messages in the window!

Participating in signs, signs


10 comments on “seasonal”

  1. What a gorgeous vintage sign for RC’s! I’m guessing maybe 1960s era?


  2. Love the old coca cola signs 🙂 Now I’ve got that commercial jingle stuck in my head from I think that same era. I’d like to teach the world to sing yada yada coca cola 🙂 Great pic and perfect for the season 🙂

  3. I love RC’s sign too! So retro.

  4. Love the olde worlde enchantment of these Chrissy signs.

  5. Like the idea that someone cares enough to add some seasonal cheer to the closed operation. Nice Christmas gesture.

  6. Closed for the season! And that’s how we know were in a whole different world here! Merry Christmas my dear and thank you for all you do! I really love this meme.

  7. Nice find Lesley.. I always thought the Coca Cola Santa was the best looking one of all.

  8. Fine photo in keeping with the season.

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