By: Lesley

Nov 27 2013

Category: Burlington, SIGNS


There was a wonderfully named tattoo place next to my chiropractor and I always meant to get a photo, but by the time I finally remembered to bring a camera, it was gone! I did find another one  the other week month.

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10 comments on “tattoos”

  1. I like the design on this one. 🙂

  2. I always wonder how the tattoos will look after time has gone by – like say 40 years later. 😉

  3. Nice looking sign, but think I’ll pass on the tattoo. Given time tattoos don’t look good, but that’s decades later. Good photo.

  4. Never quite understood the desire to tattoo one’s body. Nice-looking sign, though!


  5. one tattooist in town has been around for years but several others have come and gone.

  6. the meaning? time will tell whether one is sorry or happy with the tattoo?

  7. Intersting sign and what a name, you better go home and think again before coming back to the tattoo shop.

  8. I find the name hilarious! I always think they should do studies with people who have large tattoos to see how they feel about them down the road.

  9. A clever, creative sign. Stunning in black and white.

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