By: Lesley

Nov 06 2013

Category: Hamilton, SIGNS


We went to the Hamilton farmer’s market a few weeks ago, which is located indoors adjacent to the Jackson Square mall. Inexplicably, (although much needed in the downtown) there is also a brand new grocery store that’s opened up inside the mall (though way at the other end, making a visit to both a bit of a trek, especially if you have your arms full). If you click on the link here you can see a layout of the store. The aisles are rather confusingly oriented at an angle. There is a wide array of foods from around the world, but thank goodness the farmer’s market is still nearby for the local produce. I converted the photo to b&w so the signs on the glass would show up more clearly but really, those were the predominant colours anyway.

Participating in signs, signs


12 comments on “nations”

  1. Looks and sounds like an interesting store, although a somewhat curious floor plan. I’m sure they do that so one must spend more time (and money) in the store. 🙂


  2. Lots of shoppers inside! I love this one in B&W.

  3. An International Market plus a local Farmers Market for produce is a fabulous combination; one I could be very happy with!

  4. I’m sure this is what a diverse community needs.

  5. Great idea to convert to B/W Looks very busy!

  6. I like stores that feature food from other place, but only as an occasional visit because I grow weary after a while.

  7. That would be a great place to visit!

  8. I clicked on the link, and those aisles would really confuse me. What an unusual plan for a market. Lots of signage.

  9. sounds a great idea – hope it does OK

  10. Did you see the beautiful Birks clock in the Farmer’s Market? My great-grandpa used to maintain it.

  11. i would love to have a place like this to shop in!

  12. Very interesting shots!

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