By: Lesley

Oct 30 2013

Category: Niagara, SIGNS


Focal Length:17.97mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Here is the crest shown  on the Niagara Falls City Hall. I admit I am a little unclear  with crests, and coats of arms, and city flags, but I think this is a crest. It clearly shows the Horseshoe Falls in the centre with the top right signifying the flowing water of the Niagara River and the bottom left the tumbling water as it goes over the falls. The top left may be a symbol of the hydroelectric  power generated from the falls and the bottom right is a beaver as a nod to being in Canada. Perhaps. The lions and the crown are traditional.

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8 comments on “crest”

  1. A pretty classy crest for such a tourist destination. Nice find.

  2. I think you did a good job with your interpretation!

  3. It all sounds right to me — and it is an attractive (whatever you said it was).

  4. An attractive crest for a beautiful place!

  5. wow i wonder if every city has one. i have to check my city’s crest.

  6. I like this, very much. Those must be a few maple leaves across the top … and a crown? It is indeed a classy crest!

  7. Quite impressive in this lovely shade of blue. I don’t I have ever seen a crest with this colour dominating.

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