millionaire’s daughter

By: Lesley

Oct 23 2013

Category: Hamilton, SIGNS


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This bright green and dark blue colour scheme can’t be missed as you walk by on Ottawa St in Hamilton.  I’m sure this is new since the last time I was down this way a couple of years ago. Surely, I’d have remembered?  Anyway, the idea of this consignment shop is that the prices start dropping the longer the item stays on the floor. So, if you are a gambler, you could wait to save a few bucks, or just pay the already reasonable price and take it home right away. The also have a frequently updated website – perhaps one of the best I’ve seen (though I’ve not seen many, I admit and I only discovered it this morning as I was finishing preparing this post)

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12 comments on “millionaire’s daughter”

  1. That exterior would definitely capture one’s attention! Thanks for including the link to their website. It’s probably a good thing the store is in Canada and I am in the U.S.! lol!

    <a href=""My sign

  2. Looks like a great place to visit if we are ever in Hamilton.

  3. I would like to go there one day. Interesting!

  4. Enticing name. And the colour scheme of shop certainly demands attention.

  5. Nothing beats a good consignment store!

  6. Can often find great stuff in a consignment shop. Sounds like they have taken a page from Filene’s Basement in Boston which was famous for doing the same thing.

  7. What a fine idea to decrease the price as the time passes. I have never seen one like that. Like the bright blue and yellow. Very eye catchy.

  8. Oh it must be new…you’d have to remember that clever name. Looks crisp and clean and not ‘secondhand Roseish’.

  9. love the name of the store.

  10. I’ve always loved going to shops like above. I guess I can say I’m a thrift-hunter by heart ❤

  11. No, one could not miss it with those colors! Going to check out their website…just to see.

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