deliciously famous

By: Lesley

Oct 09 2013

Category: SIGNS, Stratford


Jenn’s  Peanut Brittle since 1999 and Larry’s Milk Shakes since 1967. This father daughter team run a tight ship in a tiny ice cream parlour since 2010 overlooking the Avon River in Stratford. It was recently named to the Best of Ontario for Milkshakes in Days Out Ontario. The [second] best part – they are open year round!

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11 comments on “deliciously famous”

  1. Very cute shoppe. It’s probably a good thing that I don’t live anywhere near the place! It sounds wonderful!

  2. I like their bright colors, however the name maybe sounds a bit too much like B&J’s.

  3. What a delightful, tempting little business venture. Cute street presentation.

  4. I, too, would have a hard time seeing that and not walking in!

  5. Haven’t had a milk shake in years!

  6. oh would skip meal just for some of this.

  7. yeah, I guess they meant for that play on Ben&Jerry’s name 😉

  8. What a fine looking shop. Love the rhyme in the sign. Attracts me!

  9. Cute shop, bet purchases made there are delicious

  10. How colorful ad inviting. There is nothing more yummy than a good ice cream cake. genie

  11. Oh, my, now this is much more my type of things…a milkshake sounds delicious right now!

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