By: Lesley

Sep 25 2013

Category: Niagara, SIGNS


At the corner of Queen St and Crysler Ave in Niagara Falls, you can find the biggest and best comic book store in the area. They have the “fiction for your addiction”. You can read the story of how this store was born here (it may surprise you!)

Participating in signs, signs



13 comments on “pulp”

  1. I followed your link and read how Pulp Comics came about. A life moving event will change on how one looks at life. You start enjoying it more a begin doing things you really want to do. It shows in your photo of the outside of the store. The store looks like it belongs to someone that cares about what he is doing.

  2. Neat murals on the side as well!

  3. Yes, heroes do come in all forms. Great background story!


  4. it looks like a noncomic book fan like me can enjoy browsing.

  5. I always enjoyed the dark, forbidden nature of comic books. Had a huge collection of 1940s and 50s comix, but they all got thrown out when my parents moved, and they never asked me. Some would be worth hundreds if not thousands today. So goes it.

  6. There is no way I would be able to walk by this shop and not walk in. The signs are so inviting. genie

  7. Curiosity alone would draw me into this shop, even though I am not a comic book fan. Love the colours complementing the signs.

  8. It attracts your attention.

  9. I’m looking for places like this! We don’t have anything like this in the Penh.

  10. fabulous graphics on this building!

  11. Bright clean looking store was my first thought different for this kind of store (kids and grand kids over the years, so I know)… Then I followed the link. Inspiring story.

  12. I really enjoyed the history of the place…and like your shot of it.

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