By: Lesley

Sep 02 2013

Category: Niagara


The windows of the Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara Falls. If you look closely you can see some butterflies flying around, or on the windows looking at the outside world. There are over 2,000 tropical butterflies inside as well as tropical plants and flowers. It was opened in 1996 and is located within the Botanical Gardens and School of Horticulture grounds on the Niagara Parkway about 10 minutes north from the Falls.

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4 comments on “conservatory”

  1. Oh, that must be breathtaking – did you go inside?

    • I’ve been inside before, this time I left my visitors on their own and found a cool, shady spot with a cold drink. I prefer to go in the winter when I can enjoy the steamy heat inside.

  2. Oh… I just started to ask the same question you answered above. I’d love to visit this beautiful place.

  3. I was here once several years ago – it is truly amazing to have all those butterflies around you. But, I agree, it would be best in winter when it is so cold outside 🙂

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