quiet waves

By: Lesley

Aug 14 2013

Category: Hamilton, SIGNS


Focal Length:11mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Laundromats are often a good source of interesting signs. At the time, I didn’t notice the dog lounging on the deck while I took this picture.

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15 comments on “quiet waves”

  1. But he noticed you! 😉
    Nice sign for a laundry.


  2. Eye catching sign! The dog is a bonus. 🙂

  3. A laundry ‘lounge’ – hope it’s comfortable inside 🙂

  4. Great sign! And cool dog.

  5. He’s just doing what the sign tells him to do. I apologize for goofing up yet again on my linky thing…Google won’t let me put a comment there. (Your sign there was pretty funny…. you’d want to use caution if I were singing…I’m as bad at singing as I am at linking.)

  6. what actually does this mean, is it a laundromat alone or there is a lounge/restaurant/bar area attached to it like one of the laundromats here in San Fran?


    • I doubt there was a restaurant inside, judging by the area it was in. I saw this from the parking lot and never even wandered around to the front of the building.

  7. You might have missed seeing the dog, but that dog has his eye on you. Great sign.

  8. Where in Hamilton is this? I don’t recognize it.

  9. Oh, I’ve seen that sign somewhere…:)

  10. Love the dog appearing to peer around the sign. A creative kind of sign for a laundromat.

  11. but he saw you haha! love that he is in the photo!

  12. And I did not notice the dog till you mentioned it…this is an eye-catching sign.

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