By: Lesley

Aug 07 2013

Category: Durham, SIGNS


Focal Length:11mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

The Knechtel  Feed Mill in Durham is now a facility for the United Media Arts, a collective of artists who “work together to foster activity and dialogue around international media art and exchange between contemporary artists”.  You can read about it here. Knechtel is a big name in this part of the province, though I know it mostly for the furniture making side of the family.

Participating in signs, signs



10 comments on “Artists”

  1. A mill as a home for artists – great idea!

  2. Wonderful ghost sign. Always glad to hear of an old building being used/recycled for something new as opposed to building something new or tearing down the old place if it’s still functional.

  3. Nice ghost sign and a great reuse of the space!

  4. Glad they kept the sign. One of my goals in life is to get a good picture of a ghost sign.

  5. Love to see artists taking over old buildings like this so that the old ambience is preserved in a fresh way. And the ghost sign has weathered well.

  6. Glad the old building has “new life”. I have not heard the term, ghost sign, before … how perfect!

  7. Lovely old mill. Looks like they made animal feed.

  8. I love ghost signs like this one. And glad to know the space is being put to good use!

  9. That’s really cool!

  10. Nice clear sign.
    I also like the red and green color contrast in this shot. 🙂

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