feminine, sexy

By: Lesley

Jul 24 2013

Category: SIGNS, Woodstock


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“The Roberts & Co lady is feminine, sexy,  fun loving and confident.  Fashion to her is as much a state of mind, not merely  fabric, colour or  a specific demographic.”  So says their website. I was attracted to their sign with the lovely elegant lady in the free flowing dress. It looked very 40’s to me and indeed, the store was originally opened in the mid 1940’s, though the site also says they have been serving the area (Ingersoll and Woodstock) for “over 50 years”. Maybe it was just Robert’s at first. The rest of the name is definitely a later addition.

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9 comments on “feminine, sexy”

  1. What woman wouldn’t want to be described by those adjectives! Not sure any amount of clothing would make at least one of them work for this one though (I think I’ve aged out of their demographic).

  2. It is quite an elegant sign!

  3. Beautiful flowing design! A sense of art in the sign.

  4. Not my kind of store 🙂 but it is a cool sign.

  5. I love the vintage look of the lady on the sign, but I know I’m not elegant, more earthy. still I like the description!

  6. Yes, the graphics on that sign are late 1930s or 1940s. It was an era of elegance and style for women accompanied by a growing sense of independence. Women stepped into positions of responsibility as millions of men were off to the war.

  7. Wonderful vintage sign. Makes me recall how stores looked when I was growing up in the 1960s. The only difference is, Roberts is still in business and obviously well cared for.

    ~Lindy @ Drive-By Photos

  8. looks like a trendy place

  9. I love that lady, too…

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