brick study #5

By: Lesley

Jul 22 2013

Category: Woodstock


Focal Length:8.91mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

I know nothing about this building. If you google the address it comes up as Coffee Bell, but it appears to be quite empty. And besides, I was sitting across the street in the only coffee shop that was open. The brickwork is very attractive and hopefully the window coverings are an indication that serious restoration is underway.

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9 comments on “brick study #5”

  1. That brickwork really is lovely – I hope that this sweet building has happier days ahead!

  2. The brick work is fantastic. It’s something you don’t don’t see in buildings any more.

  3. Where you found this building?
    Nice windows entry. 🙂

  4. I will look up ownership.

  5. neat and not overstated

  6. Very cool building. I call it Spanish Moors meets Southern Ontario Industrial. Bur really, if you whitewashed it and threw on some blue and white tile trim, couldn’t you see this in Muslim Spain?

  7. I have never seen brickwork quite like that…it is very interesting.

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