large property

By: Lesley

Jul 10 2013

Category: Richmond Hill, SIGNS


Focal Length:38mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D60

Quite often when there is a request such as this it is to replace the existing house with several townhomes. I wonder if the new single family dwellings will complement this dwelling? Seen on a large lot on Church St N in the town of Richmond Hill, just north of Toronto.

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10 comments on “large property”

  1. Posting this way seems better than making the announcement in the local newspaper where it might be overlooked. Personally speaking, I like a less crowded living area.

  2. It must be a huge lot!
    We had a bit of water come in a funny spot in the roof but the basement stayed dry and we didn’t lose electricity until yesterday and only for an hour. So we were lucky!

  3. It’s a lovely house.

  4. I too wonder how big the lot is. They are doing a lot of infilling and allowing “mother=in-law” homes on large lots in this area of Oregon; seems like a good idea in a way, but I hope the integrity of this lovely home is maintained.

    I hope also that you are/were not in any danger or had any damages in the floods.

  5. beautiful house, must be pricey.

    photo cache

  6. Wonder how they will design other buildings round this one! If this is by the street, maybe this becomes the prominent building! Interesting!

  7. It’s a beautiful home. I hope the new dwellings don’t take away it’s glory.

  8. even though there is a lot of info on the sign, I don’t understand whether one is taking a chance on buying here.

  9. Interesting to see such a large notice. Here there would be a small notice on a nearby lamp-post referring to where planning applications could be viewed.

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