Ace Chinese Food

By: Lesley

Jun 19 2013

Category: Orillia, SIGNS


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Located on Mississaga St in Orillia, this replaced another Chinese restaurant and seems to be a hit and miss with reviewers. Though I did find out that they deliver outside of town, which must make the people who live in rural areas happy. As for the sign, I think the phone number, while highly visible, looks grossly out of place. It almost looks Photoshopped – but I assure it isn’t!

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11 comments on “Ace Chinese Food”

  1. To their credit, at least the phone number is unmistakably readable, but I agree, it does look a bit out of place.

  2. I guess the numbers have to be big so one can see it from the street. What struck me was the Chinese/Canadian part. Being from America, I’ve never seen that! I’m used to Chinese/American food! 😉

  3. They must do a lot of business over the phone so to them that is the most important part of the sign!

  4. Not only is phone number out of place but there’s no area code.
    We’re sorry. Your call cannot be completed as dialed.

  5. ha it does look strange! for some reason as a kid i used to be scared of chinese restaurants lol…my mom loved chinese food to we’d go out to her favorites often and i would be afraid to go to the restroom alone…guess all those scary dragons in the decor freaked me out haha

  6. love Chinese food! not living in Canada, the sign seems strange, but not to the Canadians, I’m sure.

  7. Strange that the phone number should be in such a glaringly different font! It seems out of synch with the ambience of the rest of the sign!

  8. yes the telephone number does look out of place, otherwise it’s a lovely sign


  9. I know what you mean about the number…but then it is definitely easy to read and you notice it right off so maybe that is what they were going for.

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