By: Lesley

Jun 17 2013

Category: Richmond Hill


Focal Length:23mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D60

There was an article in today’s paper about cities and people dealing with the onslaught of new cell towers being put up willy nilly wherever the phone companies wish. It seems they are allowed to invade any space without any input from the municipality. This view was taken from a church window. At first, I thought that this could be seen as something irreverently sacred, but really, it is just invasive.

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5 comments on “view”

  1. I am in agreement about the towers – it is sad that money speaks louder than aesthetics as the developers so often win (with compliant municipal leaders so often ensuring the outcome it seems). We live in a hilly area, and our church, built in 1821, actually has a cell relay tower hidden in the steeple. At least the towers for us are hidden…to bad that the preponderance of personal communication devices ensure a lack of communicating with each other – the ugly towers will be in the way of ou view…

  2. Wow, that’s not just ugly, I think it’s unsafe as well. It’s not very healthy to live near those towers… Here in my tiny country there are laws about exactly how nearby to a populated area they can legally be installed, I would imagine that in North America, with all its vastness, it wouldn’t be *so* complicated to put it up a little further away. Good luck, I hope it’s relocated soon!
    Lovely window, though 🙂

  3. Oh that is a shame, it really does wreck the view out that gorgeous window.

  4. Everyone wants cell phones, but no one wants the towers. Unfortunately, we can’t have it both ways! Too bad it marred this nice view though.

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