By: Lesley

May 15 2013

Category: Burlington, SIGNS


Focal Length:8.2mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

I’m sure there was a name for these apartments in Burlington that are near the lake, but it seems to have disappeared. Any guesses? The first letter was likely an S, but after that I’m lost. Maybe those stars give a clue.

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13 comments on “apartments”

  1. I wonder why only the first part is missing and the word ‘apartments’ is still complete? Or maybe the name is being changed?

  2. That is definitely a minimalist sign! Whether by accident or on purpose.

  3. Starlight? I like those old decorations – probably from the 60s?

  4. i like the minimalist look of this wall/sign. i like the stars, too.

  5. Interesting how the sign seems to have shadowy fragments of one word and the second word is so defined! Looks like new ownership is in the process of happening!

  6. I’m going with “starburst” apartments. Hey, it fits the design, right? 😉

  7. Starlight – goodness, who knows. Wonder when they were built?

    My sign post is at:

  8. the sign may not be there, but are the apartments still around?

    • yes, they are still around. there are three them in a horseshoe with a courtyard. none of the other buildings seemed to have any names on them, though.

  9. they look somewhat sad

  10. ha, i was thinking starlight too!

  11. How strange. Something is definitely missing!

  12. I kinda like the idea of just the “apartments”. It is now a unique sign. genie

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