By: Lesley

Apr 17 2013

Category: Richmond Hill, SIGNS


I really think it is time for Ellen to replace her window box Christmas display. And maybe whitewash the walls. She does have a neat phone number, though.

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12 comments on “coiffed”

  1. I have seen a few buildings with such long dead displays. This is worse than Christmas lights still up!

  2. love the red shutters…but yes, spring flowers would be beautiful here.

  3. Yep…a place dedicated to “renewal” should definitely use spring flowers in the spring!

  4. I have to admit to having a planter full of branches still. I’m waiting for the yard waste pick-up next week before I empty it! 😉

  5. Ellen needs a husband to help her out. Men are good workers you know ♕

  6. If the weather is similar to here, Ellen would need plastic flowers in her window box.

  7. I love Andy’s comment! 😉

    I hope Ellen’s hair styling abilities are more attentive than her window box dressing. Time for a quick spruce up.

  8. I love the windows! And yes, a sprucing up would be a great idea indeed.

  9. Funny! I thought I left stuff up for a long time.

  10. O my goodness! This actually adds a sadness to her sign!

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