By: Lesley

Apr 10 2013

Category: Maple, SIGNS


This historic bus and rail station in Maple has been part of the GO transit system since 1982. The wood frame building was built in 1903 for the Grand Trunk Railway. During the week there are five trains running southbound from Barrie to Toronto in the mornings and five returning northbound to Barrie from Toronto in the afternoons. As you can see, Toronto is 18 miles away while Barrie is 41 miles away.

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14 comments on “Maple”

  1. It looks like it has been wonderfully maintained!

  2. I love the colours on this station, and the style of the door to the left.

  3. I like the building…kind of a bus barn! And I love..and envy.. Good public transportation.

  4. TO is not too far away from here.

  5. Love the old style of the building! Enchanting design and colour scheme!

  6. It is nice to see an old station still being used – great sign.

  7. I love this building. It is the same architecture as the one here in Lexington. Beautiful and so vintage. genie

  8. Very neat building.

  9. This station brings back memories.

  10. what a great old building!

  11. Nice building … interesting reflection in the window.

  12. I really like this!

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