almost round

By: Lesley

Mar 11 2013

Category: Kingston


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I am still working from my archives and was surprised to realize I hadn’t posted this picture of a window I found a couple of years ago in Kingston. I don’t know what to make of this unusual design, though I imagine it’s just a plain rectangle from the inside. Even the five over four small window panes on the upper sash that is only 1/3 of the total window size is unusual.

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10 comments on “almost round”

  1. I very much like it, and would love to see the rest of the building’s facade.


  2. She brickwork looks like sunrays moving from the orb shaped window. I would guess that in the past, the architects like to add many artistic details to the design, making any or all of their work as signature buildings other architects would know who designed it. Whatever or whomever, it is a great design!

    • You make a good point. Perhaps this was his signature design? or perhaps the original owners wanted something unique to show off.

  3. That is wonderful – how absolutely unique! Lucky you to have seen it in person, but thanks so much for sharing it with us! I think that you may have won at whimsical this week 🙂

  4. That is very unique and beautiful, and someone with real talent in masonry work must have designed it. Now you’ve got me wondering what the rest of the building looks like!

    • It might have been rather plain and that’s why I only took this one window. But I’ll see if I can find the house again in the summer to satisfy all our curiosity.

  5. What lovely stone and brick work…such an attractive design. And the curtains…they are beautiful and remind me of days gone by. genie

  6. Are you ever tempted to knock on doors and just ask why? It’s done well!

  7. Oh, my, this is wonderful…never seen a window treatment? just like this. I love it.

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