Cottage Grill

By: Lesley

Feb 21 2013

Category: Oakville, SIGNS


Focal Length:18mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D60

This pub, on Lakeshore Road in downtown Oakville, gets rave reviews from everyone who has eaten there. So I think I must go for a burger and beer one night. They also have a special charity menu where each item is associated with a specific charity and a $5 donation is made from your order. Several local charities benefit greatly from this initiative.

Participating in signs, signs


13 comments on “Cottage Grill”

  1. Love that charity idea!

  2. It looks great from the outside.

  3. the charity menu is a great idea! i like the simple, unpretentious sign.


  4. great idea for giving back to the community! I too like the simplicity of the sign.

  5. This place appeals to me! I’ll have to remember it next time I;m in Oakville.

  6. Have one for me too! I was just reading an article somewhere about bars and restaurants doing charity nights…yours is even a better idea.

  7. yap can you just get a big bite for me. haven’t been to a pub, would like to.

  8. Great sign – and now I want a burger.

  9. This is such a great idea! One way to take from (money for beer + food) and give to the community! Clever!

  10. what a great way to give to a charity. our local grocery store does something similar. they will ask you if you want your total rounded off to the next dollar and the change goes to the local food bank. it makes it so easy!

  11. That is a great charity idea…even if a restaurant just had one meal and supported one charity…that would be great. And I love their simple sign.

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