open late

By: Lesley

Feb 07 2013

Category: Orillia, SIGNS


Focal Length:25.9mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Some of the Shopper’s Drug Mart stores are open 24 hours, this one in Orillia is only open until midnight. The moon gives you a clue as to when exactly 12am might be!

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15 comments on “open late”

  1. Being open until midnight is very helpful. Some of our drug stores are only open until 9 p.m., and the pharmacy department closes even earlier. 😦

  2. a charming sign. the drugstore near me closes at 10 pm, and it’s beside a hospital. while some of their branches are open 24/7.

  3. I’m very familiar with the sign and Shopper’s Drug Mart. On occasion, thanks to the hours, it has been a blessing.

  4. Very helpfull when it’s needed to visit them.

  5. It is a charming sign – love the moon

  6. Like Andy – it has been a comfort to find those signs on occasion!

  7. How great to find an open store in the middle of the night when one has an ill child, or another crisis arrises. Sign conveys it’s meaning quite graphically.

  8. unique sign for hours!

  9. Those late-night shoppers can come in handy!

  10. Great sign to advertise the fact.

  11. you never know when you need a pharmacy .. visiting from Signs, Signs … I’m sharing some lock signs this week

  12. That will give the employees a time to rest, too!

  13. Love the design of the sign! Symbolic and different!

  14. Everything around me closes early – small town life! When we lived closer to Boston, we were spoiled by all the 24 hour stores.

  15. That’s late enough for me!~

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