church gate

By: Lesley

Jan 25 2013

Category: Oakville


Focal Length:25mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D60

I have never seen these pretty iron gates in the close position at St Jude’s Anglican Church  on William St in Oakville, but they make quite a nice entrance into the small garden area.

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15 comments on “church gate”

  1. Sorry, I won’t be leaving more comments after this one, since you have to fill out 3 lines just to do so. But I just wanted to let you know how much I do appreciate that beautiful photo of the gate. THanks.

  2. How I do love a pretty gate! And this one is really lovely, and so perfect for a garden!

  3. Oh, I love that! I want that for my fence around my yard!

  4. They say the gates to heaven are always open.

  5. That is a lovely gate. I wonder where it was forged?

  6. They are very nice and contrast well against the lovely bricks!

  7. ohhh this is just so pretty!

  8. Very nice…looks like it has a fresh coat of paint on it!

  9. Open gates seem appropriate for a church! It’s beautiful wrought iron and lovely against the brick.

  10. That is a real beauty….love that it is always open.

  11. Hi again Leslie, it’s because you have your blog on WordPress and they ask each time for us to fill in details of email and name, or to click on an icon from WordPress or FaceBook or Twitter to log in before we can make our comments. Sorry, way too much work to just say, hi, I liked it. On blogger (through blogspot) you have other problems too, and they can be worked around most of the time. But I’ll look again, just not comment!!

  12. What an amazingly lovely gate!

  13. Love the iron work on the gate. If you get a word Press account (free) and stay logged in, you don’t have to fill in details every time, I have discovered.

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